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  February 2011

Dear {!firstname},

It is an exciting time as I implement the new strategies and programs for my business for the coming year. As always, spring is a time for many conferences, my speaking business picks up so I have lots of speaker agreements to finalize. Yet, it is always so energizing to be on the stage in front of enthusiastic business women and speak to them about how they can be even more successful.

More and more business opportunities come my way when I am 'live and in person' either speaking, teaching a teleclass (almost live), or networking with other business women and entrepreneurs. I love sitting in my office behind my computer (true to my introvert tendencies) however, it is not the fastest path to finding more clients that I can help with their business success.

Helping other women build their business skills and the confidence they need to succeed as an entrepreneurs or to climb the corporate ladder is my dream job.

I'll be talking about what I think is one of THE most important business skills in a special teleclass on March 24th Speaking for Success.

To your continued success,

Welcome to all my new subscribers especially those I met at FNCE, WLMA, my Gold Mastermind participants, and on the More Life National Tour. Enjoy your newsletter. Please forward it to colleagues and suggest they subscribe by visiting

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I'm Afraid I Don't Know How

Countless people do not achieve the success they dream about. Many times it is because they create their own obstacles! Their personal and business life is often out of control. This overwhelm leads to 'busyness' urgency and procrastination. Planning, prioritization, and completion of the 'important' tasks doesn't happen because they are so busy with the 'urgent.'

They blame external situations and use common excuses such as I don't know how, I don't have time, I can't afford it. The real reason for the chaos and confusion lives inside of them. Often the truth is they are afraid.

Afraid to do what it takes.

Afraid they may fail. Afraid it won't be perfect. Afraid of looking foolish. Afraid of other's judgement. So instead of taking a risk, they sit back and compare them self to other very successful people and wonder why they don't have a really successful business, or didn't land that top job?

So what is the solution? It usually is not as simple a more time, more money, or more knowledge/how to. Those excuses are just that excuses. Not the real reasons. Here is why.

Time: If you really want to achieve a goal you will prioritize your time and MAKE TIME for your highest priority goal. Even if it means spending less time doing something you enjoy ( think watching American Idol :)

Money: When you don't have the money you have two choices - find a creative way to earn more - walk the neighbors' dogs. Or analyze your spending and you will discover you may be able to spend less. Better yet, your goal may be something that will bring you more money - such as more clients in your business by smarter marketing or 'wasting time' networing in the coffee room that gets you known and subsequently a job promotion. It makes sense to spend (invest) time and money to make more money and get ahead.

How To: Perhaps the weakest excuse of all is I do not know how. Resources abound to learn just about anything you want to learn. You may need to make an investment that pays off later.

Action Step: To overcome the overwhelm, busyness, or procrastination get to the root cause. Here is an assignment that will help you do that.

Your Assignment: Give serious thought to the answers to these questions.

1.What do I want that I do not have right now?
2. Why don't I have it?
3. Why do I resist making the decision and finding the time, learning 'how to,' investing the money ?
4. What needs to happen for me to get what I want?
5. Am I willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Now examine your responses, and recognize your excuses. Hint: Look for theses phrases 'yeah but,' 'I can't because,' 'I would if,' 'I don't know'

Jettison the excuses ! Decide to make it happen!

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Excuses be gone! No more "yeah but" Take action today!

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