My clients are professional women who want to take their career or business to the next level. Most of my clients are corporate business women, RD’s, and coaches.  Typically they work in healthcare, science, or technical industries, or are self-employed.

They have one thing in common, they are searching for ways to be even more successful in their professional life, in a way that feels authentic to them.  They want to be recognized for their achievements, get promoted, land top jobs, and earn the income they deserve.  To make this happen they know they must

  • Navigate the business world even more successfully
  • Astutely market them self in a discriminating way so their contributions are recognized
  • Approach the business environment in a savvy versus naive way yet shun the distasteful political games
  • Set boundaries to prevent unreasonable sacrifice of their personal life
  • Accurately assess their strengths and personality style and leverage them to achieve maximum potential

My clients tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Talented business women who want to thrive in the high pressure workplace, not just survive, as they advance up the career ladder.
  • RD’s who are high achievers, especially those who work in, or aspire to, non-traditional, business, management, and leadership roles.
  • Self-employed service professionals, solopreneurs, or small business owners, including coaches and nutrition and fitness entrepreneurs.
  • Women and men from very diverse industries and occupations are often referred to me for leadership and performance coaching.

My clients excel in their job, yet often lack expertise in workplace savvy and the unwritten rules of the game they need to advance. They work extremely hard thinking that will get them recognition, credibility, and promotions.  Instead it results in their being overbooked, overworked, and overwhelmed. They seek to enhance the skills to more successfully maneuver in the business world.

“You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend – or not”   Isabel Allende, Novelist


You may be asking yourself is this for me?  To help you determine if my services, products, or programs are for you, take a look at the list of common challenges the professionals who work with me experience.

Clients call me when they experience challenges like these:

  • You are tired of being denied recognition for your accomplishments even though you work very hard, do a good job, and have a lot of experience and credentials. Yet, the thought of self-promotion makes you cringe. You have a strong distaste for anything related to marketing or selling yourself. You wonder how can I think about marketing me in a way that feels authentic and gets me recognized?
  • You are successful but paying the price. You feel like your career is causing you to miss out on too much of your life.  You sacrifice time with your family, never manage to get regular exercise, see a movie, or have quiet time alone. You feel guilty when you feed the kids fast food. You border on overwhelm and are always exhausted. You wonder how can I do more in less time and mange to have the personal life I intensely desire.
  • You recently were promoted to manager or leader because of your excellent work. Unfortunately you don’t have any experience leading or managing other people. You worry you won’t get the respect and credibility from your staff that you need to be effective. You wonder, how do I get up to speed on the skills required to be in charge of other people?
  • You are known for excellence in your job but have been passed over for promotions you thought you deserved. Your boss’s opinion is that you are not  quite ready for management. You wonder how you can project a business image, an executive presence, that commands more credibility and respect so you can move up to a more senior level, higher paying position?
  • You rarely speak up in meetings and large groups. When you do, your are nervous and no one seems to pay much attention to what you say. When you speak you want to be heard! You wonder what does it take to speak in a way that comes across more confident and persuasive and that gets others to listen to my comments and ideas?
  • You have a long to do list filled with goals, projects, and great ideas. Someday they will get done.  But  someday never arrives. You get very stressed when you are cramming to get an assignment finished by the deadline. Your boss is not happy when the deadline passes while you are nitpicking the details. You wonder how can I get over the procrastination and perfectionism that threatens to derail my success?

If any of these statements strike home,  you are not alone. These are  situations commonly encountered in the workplace, especially by professional clients with technical backgrounds.


Especially for Self-Employed Professionals
Solopreneurs and small business owners, RD’s, coaches, and other service professionals, face similar issues and also have some that are unique, especially for self-employed professionals.

Clients are successful working with me if they are:

  • Already successful and aim for even higher levels of achievement, and fulfillment.
  • Looking for a coach and mentor to partner with to help them find the right answer – not give them an answer.
  • Aim high and recognize they have to work hard, take some risks, and explore new and unfamiliar territory to achieve their goals.
  • Love to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • Enjoy being innovators in their profession and want to be cutting edge on issues and trends.
  • Motivated and open to trying new ways of doing things.
  • Not satisfied where they are and unwilling to settle for less than they deserve.
  • Committed to working toward long term solutions and not a quick fix.
  • Value a different perspective and will stretch out of their comfort zone.

Now that you have an idea about the kind of clients who work with me,  the variety of issues I help them resolve, and what clients need to do to assure their success, I invite you to read the Meet Jean section and find out more about How I Work.


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