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If You Are in Business, You Are a Speaker

Are you a speaker? Most people would answer ‘No” because we tend to think of speakers as someone who stand on a stage and gives a speech…Public Speakers. Yet, if you are in business, you are a speaker ! You speak to clients, you speak to your staff, you speak at social events, you speak at networking events, you speak to clients and customers.

How do you rate your communication on a scale of 1 (needs significant improvement) to 10 (excellent & effective) ? Many times, people are unwilling to pick just one number because they feel they communicate better in some situations than in others.

How do you rate your communication :

Speaking one to one (with clients, the boss, your staff)
Speaking one to one (with friends, children, spouse)
Speaking at a Networking event
Speaking in a Meeting
Speaking in front of a Group

Your Score_________

Speaking is a core competency for business success. Whenever you speak, others are making a judgement about you and your business expertise. Speaking in a business setting is a way to “audition” for a getting hired, promoted, closing a sale, and more.
Confident, Comfortable, Clear Communication gets heard and has impact!!
Powerful Presentations in meetings and on stage gets results!

Find out how to raise your score….

Why Not?

Our doubts are traitors! Shakespeare is right. When our mind is full of self- doubts, limiting beliefs, or the imposter syndrome our potential is limited. Our creativity is stifled. Thoughts of self-doubt end up being verbalized in phrases such as:
I can’t because,
Yeah but,
I’m not good enough, rich enough smart enough.

You get the point. We doubt. We even do this in spite of the evidence it is not true. Others tell us how good we are and we disclaim their comments thinking – if they really knew.

Sometimes we look at others’ success and feel bad because we know that was ours to have – but we held back, and they took action. I know you have heard someone say – ‘ I had that idea!’ about a business, a new product, an innovation or invention. You may have even said it yourself.

You probably have a little regret that you didn’t take action because of one of those limitations about it being the right time, having enough money, waiting until…. The opposite belief would have told you that you have the confidence to figure it out!

This cautious way of thinking is deeply rooted. Many people learned it as a child. Being cautious is not always a bad thing.

Yet, there is also a time and place for new. For calculated risk taking. For decisions that take you out of your comfort zone.

Next time, instead of looking for evidence that you could succeed, look for proof that you could not. It probably will be a lot harder to find.

How would your life be different if you thought why not me! why not now? Why not move outside your safe comfort zone, stop following the same day in day out routine, no longer wait until someday when. Why not?

Teachers who inspire realize that there will always be rocks in the road
ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all
depends on how we use them. Unknown

Mini Public Speaking Opportunity: Networking Events


Speaking to groups to to grow your business does not always mean standing in front of a group or on a stage with a microphone and slides.  Whenever you are speaking to someone you are communicating about your brand by how you look, act, and speak.

Networking is a mini-public speaking opportunity.  You want to speak, sound, look and act like your brand because others are taking in all of you.  They are thinking…

Is this person someone I want to collaborate with?  Is s/he an expert in what they do?  Do I want to hire her?  Is he someone I want to develop a deeper business relationship with?

When you enter into a conversation during a formal or informal networking event be be sure the  answer those question H#$%^ Yeah!  She is!

For more on answering the question “What Do You Do?”


There is Nothing Soft About Communication Skills!

The college curriculum is typically full of academic
 programs preparing the students to be experts in their
 chosen field. The so called soft skills often do not
get included in the formal training, especially for
 students in math, sciences, economics and similar tracks.
My suggestion...never underestimate the importance of skills
such as communication.
All business interactions involve speaking. Confident, comfortable and
clear communication is essential to be effective in every discipline.
Actually, it is becoming an even more important skill in the global business
world we live in where we often communicate in ways other than- face-to face.
I spent part of this morning with student at Washington University Olin
School of Business helping the students with their Management
Communication "Press Conference' preparation.I love working with
 students! They did a great job. The primary feedback I gave the team -
Remember that a presentation is a conversation - not a performance.
Talk to the audience vs present to them.  Remember the audience doesn't
know they are an audience. They are one person.  When talking to lots of
'one persons' you humanize your presentation and connect better.
A better connection means they are more likely to be open and
to embrace the message you are presenting.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Profitable. Go Network!

I wrote a post recently with the title “Is Networking a Waste of Time!” A few people misread it and thought it was a statement that said Networking is a waste of time. That was interesting because that ‘mistake’ I believe was their own internal belief about the lack of value (results) from their own networking experiences.

Networking is not a waste of time. It is a great way to be seen by others who can make a difference in your career or your small business success. Networking is about building realtionships and there is no better way to do that than in a face to face conversation.

The problem lies in the awkward feeling that many women and men have when they walk in to a networking event.  Because they are uncomfortable, either they avoid this type of event or they participate but their discomfort is evident.  You are not alone!  A majority of people probably feel the same way as you do.

Simply think about networking as building relationships.  Listen to other people’s stories. Do not worry about what you are going to say.  The best networkers are those who genuinely express interest in the person they are speaking to.  They offer others resources and opportunities.  Don’t worry.  When you are interested in helping and supporting others you will be memorable, like-able and someone people want to do business with.  Remember whether it is forming partnerships with other business people, attracting clients to buy your products and services, or getting promoted and key assignments it all goes back to Know Like and Trust Networking is a perfect way to do that!

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