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Persist With Passion Until Your Results Meet or Exceed Your Expectations

Whether your goal is to be successfully self-employed, a confident public speaker, the president of your company, or you name it, you must persist with passion.

Too often, I find people give up too soon. They give up their aspiration and settle for the status quo… settle for less than they are capable of achieving.

For example, you try for a promotion, don’t get it, and give up. Then you may overgeneralize about your promotability. The company culture or unspoken biases are frequently blamed – they don’t promote_____________ fill in the blank. So you give up. Instead, ask yourself what must I change to get a different, better, result ?

It happens to the self-employed as well. You launch a business or initiate a new marketing campaign and give up when revenues do not meet expectations. Then you may complain and blame or be with filled with negative emotions such as sense of failure, fear, jealousy, or resentment. A better approach is to examine why this has happened and explore the possibilities that may lead to a different outcome.

I know the temptation to quit or to settle can appear when times are tough. I faced it a few times as I built my coaching and speaking business – it hasn’t always been easy.

However, now that I have figured out how to put all the puzzle pieces together to attract all the ideal clients I want, I wouldn’t trade the entrepreneurial path for anything.

Look for the reason – the real root cause – you may be settling for less that you know you want and deserve. Here are some common reasons:

You are always putting others first and your goals get pushed aside.
You have tried and given up
You can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen
You are afraid to take the risk
You do not have a clear vision of what you really want and how to get it.
You feel like you are constantly running around in circle or into brick walls
You struggle to justify investing in you, your career, your business because there are so many other expenses.
If any of the above resonate with you go a little deeper and ask yourself these self-coaching questions.

1) Do I have a crystal clear vision of what I really want and why I want it ? Is it what I really want or what I think I can actually achieve?

2) How do I get the courage to strive for a big, brave vision?

3) What is it worth to me to invest the time, effort, money to make my goal a reality?

4) What must I do or stop doing to find the time, energy, resources to do it?

5) If I really want the result of achieving this goal, am I willing to do just about anything to get it? If not, why not.

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