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Marketing Me and My Business: Why Informercials Work

Informercials work!

Even though we know some of the products don’t. So why do millions of people buy these products? Because the messages are so compelling you just “have to have it!” The celebrities and actors are so passionate about how the product will help solve your problem you can’t even think about not buying it!

What is it about you that others just “have to have”( your boss, company, clients) ? What do you so clearly and passionately tell others are the “must buy” from you ? The answer to that question is your marketing message line, your UVP (unique value proposition,) your personal brand. It is why you get promoted or attract clients to your business.

Once you clearly identify your unique contribution, craft your message line, and use it for self-marketing, you will no longer be underestimated, overlooked, or denied proper recognition for your accomplishments. Just like the magic cleaner, cooker, or exercise machine people will “buy” your skills, strengths, and contributions.

Coaching Tips:

  • Make a list of your “must have’s” and be certain they align with the needs and priorities of your company or ideal clients.
  • Be authentic. You need not be ‘out there’ like the infomercial celebrities. You can self-promote in many effective, and low key ways.
  • Communicate your informercial clearly and with passion and conviction. Don’t be a well-kept secret.
  • Believe in you. Your informercial is simply helping others discover how you can help them (your boss, company, clients) It is not bragging when done right.
  • Don’t avoid self-marketing if you are serious about success. Simply learn how to do it with integrity.
  • Educating your manager and your company to help them realize they “must have” your unique contributions and “can’t live without” you can increase your chances of surviving the layoff

P.S. Even sensible Jean admits to having 2-3 products in her home purchased through infomercials. Can you say Snuggie™? Last year I was watching an informercial at the gym and joined the Snuggie movement. A friend and client Jim, bought my cats the Emery Cat ™ Board, and I have a Shark Hand Held Steamer that actually is a great cleaning tool.

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“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~ Anais Nin

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